The Importance of Tennis Court Aesthetics

There’s no doubt that the tennis experience is enhanced when you’re on that perfect court. One that feels good under your feet, has clear lines and a pleasing color. It’s not exaggerating to say that you actually play better on a great court, because you do. Tennis is a game of precision and the surface it’s played on has a lot to do with how you perform. If the court feels good, it looks good. And if the court is in a beautiful setting it is both blissful and invigorating. Part of the beauty of our amazing sport. What makes a beautiful tennis court

Cathedral Canyon Tennis Club, Cathedral City California

What makes a beautiful court? ATC Corp, one of the USA’s leading court builder and refurbisher, asked us about what we look for in a tennis court.

Tennis is Played All over the World in Some of the Most Beautiful Spots on Earth

From the rooftops of Argentina to cliffs overlooking the Caribbean sea, it’s ironic that beauty of tennis court locations can almost be almost be distracting. We have played at countless incredible locations and never ceased to be amazed when we come across courts that have been built and are maintained with care and skill because it adds so much to our experience.

Where’s Your Favorite Court? What Makes it your Favorite. We’d love to know! Tell us in our comments section below.


Hotel Albahia, Alicante Spain

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