Making the Aussie Open More Affordable

Visiting Melbourne for the Australian Open? Here’s an affordable Alternative. Most tennis fans would love nothing more than to experience the Australian open. As the Northern Hemisphere is steeped in the depths of winter, summer shines on down under and this grand slam tournament sets the tone for the upcoming season…But Australia is literally the other end of the earth for those up north. Getting there is costly for us northerners and we’ve all heard the stories of how expensive it is once there. This article provides an idea that just might make the Aussie Open a bit more affordable.


Cost Effective Accommodations Available in Albert from City Edge Hotels – Press Release – Digital Journal

City Edge Apartment Hotels are the popular with travellers who frequently visit Australia for different reasons. They are well known for providing the best hotels and services to their guests, located in various prime locations of Australia that include North Melbourne, Albert East Melbourne, Gipps East Melbourne, Treasury East Melbourne, Melbourne CBD and many others.

Let us know if you have been to the Australian Open and what your experiences were. If you have accommodation or recreation suggestions we would love to hear about them.


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