How to Make Wimbledon an Affordable Experience

Best cheap hotels near Wimbledon- and Best London bars to visit while there.

London is known for its pricey hotels. Wimbledon is one of its premiere events. So, when most people think of Wimbledon, they imagine an elite and hardly affordable experience. But there are places to stay that will make this iconic tennis tournament within reach for those who are a little more budget conscious.

The best cheap hotels near the Wimbledon 2019 tennis championships

It’s almost time for the Wimbledon! As the qualifying matches take place, excitement for the championships in July is at an all-time high. If you haven’t already bagged a ticket, don’t lose hope just quite yet: there are still plenty of ways to get one.

What to Do at Wimbledon

Heading to Wimbledon Check out this Palatial Hotel 

Strawberries and Cream and Wimbledon







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