More Than Just the World’s Greatest Beaches, Koh Samui Thailand has Terrific Tennis Too

Tennis in Koh Samui Thailand, is part of our “Tennis Courts Around the World” series where we share some of the amazing places we have discovered.

When most people think of this exotic Southeast Asia country, they imagine wonderful food, great beaches, friendly people and amazing weather. Tennis is not usually top of mind.  Well, we went to Thailand in search of all of those things, but our mission was also to find good tennis and we were pleasantly surprised.


Angthong National Marine Park, Thailand a Great After-Tennis destination

I’d always wanted to go to Thailand. It was one of those high on the bucket list places. The thing is, my partner Bill was stuck on visiting Florida and Palm Springs, places where he knew he’d be guaranteed great tennis. “Tennis in Thailand, no way” was his response. Somehow, in order to get to this southeast Asia paradise and hang out on beaches like this, I had to prove him wrong.

So, I had my work cut out for me.  The challenge was to find courts in Thailand where Bill could play tennis so I could take my dream trip to Thailand.


It took a lot of research but after a while we realized that Thailand has tons of tennis, is definitely somewhere for an avid player to get their fix and a place to play with people from around the world. Here is some of what we found.


With tennis racquets slung on our back and a scooter underneath us, we set off from our funky traditional hotel at Matlang Beach to see what we could find. Our map helped somewhat in locating this club down a dusty road, but it was the friendly Thai people who saw our racquets, knew where we were trying to go, and pointed us in the right direction. It was the international language of tennis working for us. We eventually ended up at the laid back, well cared for and thoroughly enjoyable Koh Samui Tennis Club.  It’s a little bit hard to get to but once you’re there it’s well worth it.


We found Koh Samui Tennis Club to be a really lovely place, giving a warm Thai welcome to visitors from all over the world. The club features a pro shop, tennis lessons, hitting partners and some great courts. They even have refreshing beverages for after the game. It may be a bit hard to find, but getting there is part of the adventure and we found time to stop for Thai food, sightseeing and shopping along the way.


We stumbled on The Big Buddha on the way to the courts. It’s an imposing statue reigning over the Wat Phra Yai Temple linked by a causeway to the island of Koh Samui.


And if you’re not sold on going all the way to Thailand to play tennis well maybe Thai massage on the beach after the game just might seal the deal for you.


Kayaking on the warm clear water off Koh Samui is another amazing way to enjoy post-tennis afternoons.


So I was able to realize my dream of going to Thailand and Bill was won over by the tennis on Koh Samui. The only problem now is when we go to plan a trip, he keeps suggesting we to go back to Thailand.

We loved Koh Samui and the tennis club so much that we shot a Tennis Tourist video while there. Check it out. If you like this video, be sure to check our Tennis Tourist Youtube Channel for more.

For more information on tennis in Koh Samui Tennis Club Thailand check out our website write up where we give information about this tennis club, suggestions about what to do after the game and ideas about where to stay. And for more tennis destination ideas take a look at our Tennis Tourist Youtube Channel where we highlight some of our favorites.


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