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Articles, written by tennis players, coaches and destinations serve an important purpose in informing tennis players about where in the world to play the game they love. We encourage people to submit articles pertaining to any issue about tennis destinations.


 We are looking for articles between 500 and 1,200 words, excluding footnotes. However, we will accept longer articles if the topic is of particular interest.

 There is no cost for submitting articles, but we request that the article be educational and informative in nature. Current hot topics are especially valuable.

 Images such as author portraits, photos, charts, diagrams, etc. are highly encouraged with article submissions.

 A 50 word maximum tag or byline about the author or company at the end of the article is permitted. For example, “John Smith is a tennis player from St. Petersburg, Florida” or “Pietro Alvarez runs a bed and breakfast next to one of Italy’s most iconic tennis clubs”.

 Article content appearing overly self-promoting, product pushing, and lacking  relevant content will not be published. Thank you for your interest in publishing your article and we look forward to reviewing your submission. Email your article to us at or submit via our contact form

 We reserve the right to edit articles to match our presentation style.

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