Ruth Hardy Park-Find Your Tennis Match in Palm Springs

Palm Spring Ruth Hardy Park Tennis. It’s a hang-out for the hard cores and anyone else who wants to play tennis.  Regulars and also recreational tennis players from every walk of life are found daily at Palm Spring’s Ruth Hardy Park.  It’s a place where you know you’ll find someone to play with each and every morning in the bright California sun.  The courts are just a stone’s throw from downtown Palm Springs and they epitomize the laid back, fun vibe of this desert city.


Ruth Hardy Park has eight very popular public courts that are a favorite of locals, visitors and snowbirds.  You’ll have no problem picking up a game if you show up early enough in the morning. And you may even get invited for a beverage at a picnic table afterward.  The courts are lit at night, and it’s a bit easier to walk on at that time of day…and a bit cooler.


 A few minutes down the valley at Indian Wells, the best in the world battle it out the first two weeks of March.  But here in Palm Springs the quest to be king or queen of the recreational court rages on every day of the year.  Although there might be the occasional disagreement on the courts, afterward at the picnic tables, it’s all smiles as they re-hash the morning’s results.

It’s a city park, so you’ll also be able to find lessons and other organized play.

What to do After the Game?

Check Out Funky Downtown Palm Springs

There’s really nowhere quite like Palm Springs.  Colorful street scenes, dramatic desert and mountain backdrops, margaritas, coffee shops and art all rolled into one low rise, modernism architecture city.
Sony Bono Statue. He was the former mayor of Palm Springs and Cher’s husband.

Where We Stayed –Caliente Tropics Hotel


A throwback to Palm Springs of the 1960’s, but modernized for today’s travellers.  The Caliente
Tropics has one of the largest pools in the city.  This is an affordable and fun place to stay very close to downtown.  The views from the pool and hot tub are some of the best the area has to offer…  And the cabanas offer refuge from the desert sun.




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