Looking Back on a Great Tennis Year

More Favorite Tennis Destination Videos. We are very fortunate to be able to play tennis at some of the most beautiful places in the world. For us it makes travel more authentic and interesting. Besides seeing all of the sights that a place has to offer, it gives us a connection with people. We have been invited to barbecues in Argentina, people’s homes in Mexico and hit balls with local Vietnamese people.

We would never consider travelling without our racquets or our camera. Here’s a trip back through a wonderful year of tennis

Guanajuato Mexico-Club de Tenis Santa Fe

Tennis High in the Mountains in a Spectacular Colonial City

A city so high that we had to play with pressure-less tennis balls. And a club so friendly that we were welcomed and invited for a party after.

Sometimes called the most beautiful city in Mexico, Guanajuato is an amazing example of a Mexican Colonial city with fabulous architecture and beautiful mountain vistas. We thoroughly enjoyed Guanajuato and we will be back.

Los Pinos Tennis Club

Guadalajara Mexico

Beautiful clay courts in a lovely club in one of the most fascinating cities we have ever seen. We were contacted by a tennis player who had seen our website and mentioned that if we were in Guadalajara we should contact him. Well that’s all it takes for Bill. The racquets were packed and our friend was contacted. He took us to his club, Los Pinos, to play and then took us to some other wonderful courts in this beautiful colonial city.

Guadalajara Country Club Tennis

A Sneak Peak at One of the World’s Finest Tennis Facilities

Once a year people come from all over North America to participate in one of North America’s premiere seniors tournaments. The seniors tournament offers players of all levels from age 35+ a chance to be hosted by this renowned club. Our friend from Guadalajara took us for a sneak peak to see these fabulous facilities which include a golf course, equestrian facilities and of course, some of the best clay courts you will find anywhere in the world.

Hoi An Vietnam

A Tennis Hideaway in a UNESCO World Heritage City

Hoi An Vietnam-Ao Lang Villa Tennis. A villa/hotel with an owner who loves to play tennis. The Hoi An Ao Lang Villa Hotel was a great find that we stumbled on when looking for a place to play tennis during our stay in the historic UNESCO World Heritage city of Hoi An Vietnam.

Chicala Mexico

Tennis in a Tiny Mexican Town

Our love affair with Mexico continued as we discovered a tiny town on the Pacific Coast called Chicala. We were told to check the Facebook page for expats and ask if someone would invite us to one of the local developments to play. We did, and we had a great time and played some excellent tennis in a wonderful facility.

This year reinforced for us that tennis is truly and international game. We all have the same unspoken language, rules and etiquette and we somehow form a common bond when we hit that yellow ball across the net.

It was a great year for us and our tennis travels. We look forward to exploring more of the world’s courts. And we hope you can too!

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