The former home of the Australian Open

It’s known as the ‘Spiritual Home of Tennis in Australia’

Kooyong Tennis Club in Melbourne has been one of Australia’s, and the world’s most outstanding tennis clubs for well over a century.

It’s been here in some form or another since 1892

Ben Corby from Kooyong Tennis Club tells us, “So we have 26 grass courts, 26 all-weather clay courts, as well as three plexi-cushion courts which are inside our Kooyong Stadium. Members-wise we have over 9,500 members so it’s one of the biggest tennis clubs in Australia”

Kooyong Tennis Club with its 52 courts is one of the must-see, must play clubs in the world

“We used to host the Australian Open here until 1977 before it moved across to Melbourne Park as we know it now. Since the Australian Open moved we undertook the Kooyong Classic which is an exhibition tournament that runs every year. It’s in the week of the lead-up to the Australian Open. Some of the best players come to tune up their game before the Australian Open before they take on their opponents. 


Kooyong was the home of the Australian Open which was then played on grass. Now the Open is played down the road at Rod Laver and Kooyong with its 51 courts is one of the must-see/must play tennis clubs in the world.”

On the way to our coaching session

We arranged a coaching session with one of the coaches here


The grass courts are only open on the weekends, so we had to settle for clay. The coach took us out to the clay courts and we spent an hour with him going through some drills and had a lot of fun. He taught us a few Aussie tricks.

Ben says “So if you’re having coaching with us the coaching academy is open to everyone. “


“There’s about a three-year waitlist currently to become a member of this club which gets you what they called restricted membership which is access to the clay courts only. Then for a full membership which allows you to play on the grass, about another 6 years after that. “


“We have a fully stocked gym pool saunas for recovery as well a restaurant and bar upstairs for post-match food and drink. And a full coaching program and tennis academy has around 20 coaches. “

It’s a special experience playing here at Kooyong

From the moment you drive up and see the trophy case in the lobby with all the magnificent trophies and come out onto the grass courts.


Ben says “You know just having the grass courts is something that is quite rare. There are not too many courts around the world compared to the number of clubs that are able to have grass courts, certainly ones that are kept in such good condition by the team. You’ve got your Wimbledons and things but this is very close. And that is one of the highlights of being a member and being able to play at Kooyong.”


So when in Australia, don’t forget to wear your whites and pack your racquet

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