Alicante Spain RC Tennis Pro-High Performance Tennis Centre

High Performance tennis centre Alicante Spain-RC Tennis Pro is geared to helping players prepare for tournaments; season or year round development. A new tennis base school for kids wanting to start their tennis careers. Personalized service to help them to achieve their goals.

Director Rubén Ramírez Hidalgo, ex ATP 50 spent 20 years in the circuit and has victories against David Ferrer in Roland Garros, and against James Blake, then number 5th in the world in New Heaven.

Director, Mariano Campos, ex junior champion from Argentina and former ATP500 was part of the trip to Japan to represent Argentina at the Sub14 in Fuji. His best win was in 1999 at the future in Argentina against young Paul Henri Mathieu

Intensive tennis training programme for WTA / ATP and junior pro players

Available for short stays of four to eight weeks or longer periods of six months to a year.
Specializing in one on one coaching, with a dedicated focus not only in tennis techniques but fitness, tactics and mental health.

New and unique product for groups and families looking for a week or 10 days tennis holidays. Perhaps just have time for a long weekend? Or are traveling solo. Tailor made approach to holidays, designed with player in mind. Experience tennis combined with travel industry knowledge. Unique approach that strives to give the experience of a lifetime.

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