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Where to Find Free Tennis Courts in Australia

Free Tennis in Australia. One of the great things about the sport of tennis is that in many┬ácountries around the world it can be played by virtually anyone. Free tennis courts mean all you need is a ball and a racquet and you’re ready to play.

If you’re in Australia and wanting to play, Oz Tennis Leagues has put together a colorful list of courts that are yours to play on around the country of Australia. Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney all have courts to offer.

And, some of these Australian tennis courts take it up a notch by offering grass courts where you can play for free.

Free tennis courts across Australia | Oz Tennis Leagues

We all love a free tennis court! What’s not to love, playing tennis for free, it’s great. We get asked all the time for information on free tennis courts, so we thought we’d pull together all the knowledge we have on the best free courts we know.

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