Fort St. John BC Tennis Courts

Fort St. John BC Tennis Courts are located in Kin Park in the city. They feature three hard surface public courts.

The area is a stopping point on mile 47 of the Alaska Highway, which is 1700 miles in total.  Hundreds of thousands of visitors pass through on this historic highway built during World War II.

Fort Saint John is known as the ‘Energetic City’ because of it’s significance as an oil and gas industry hub.

Kin Park – 93 Street to 96A street to East Bypass Road (119 Avenue)



What To Do After Playing Tennis at Fort St. John Tennis Courts-Check Out the Peace River View

Rolling green hills and the winding Peace River make for breathtaking scenery at the Peace River Viewpoint. Just a few minutes from downtown, at the end of 100th Street you’ll find this sceptacular spot with a panoramic view of the valley.



Where To Stay When Playing Tennis in Fort St. John BC

Stonebridge Inn is a hotel set up for comfort that caters to both workers and travelers in the the bustling oil & gas country around Fort St. John. The city is mile 45 of the Alaska Highway so is often a stopping point for travelers on their journey on this well-known road.





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