A Tennis Player’s Idea of the Perfect Holiday

Tennis as the Focus of your Holiday.

As a tennis player, I often feel that something is missing if I leave my tennis racquet at home when going on a holiday. It’s always packed ‘just in case I might find a tennis court’ And amazingly enough I most often do Usually it turns out to be the best part of my holiday. We have met people from all over the world on the tennis court and it hardly matters whether or not we speak the same language. The language of the court is understood by all who play the game and it always starts and ends with a handshake.

On Our Holidays Tennis is Often The Most Memorable Part-connecting us with experiences that a typical tourist wouldn’t have

Even better than stumbling on a tennis court during your travels is a holiday where tennis is part of the main focus. Some of the best places to stay in the world often have some of the best tennis courts and programs. Here is a great summary that includes few of those dream locations. From the UK to Mauritius and wonderful places in between.

Five of the world’s best tennis hotels and resorts

Wimbledon’s wonderful, but it can leave you yearning to smack Federer-esque forehands, serve like Jo Konta or fine-tune a Murray-style defense. If so, how about combining tennis with travel at one of these specialist hotel or resort getaways? The Headland, Cornwall One bad shot at The Headland hotel and your ball could end up in the Atlantic.

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