A Sophisticated Tennis Club in a Colonial Mexican Oceanfront City

El Cid Golf and Country Club Offers Lots of Tennis Opportunities

Tucked away in Mazatlan’s dazzling Golden Zone is the expansive El Cid Golf and Tennis Club. It is part of the El Cid Resort which has properties throughout Mazatlan including several hotels, condos, golf course, marina, restaurants and more.


El Cid has nine tennis courts, a pool, fitness facility and spa.

The clubhouse has both casual and fine dining experiences from the Sushi Bar and Prime Grill Restaurant or beverages and snacks at Hole 19 sports bar. Unique design, beautidul scenery and many amenities make El Cid Golf & Country Club a good choice to play.



Private tennis lessons, clinics, drop-in drills, partner matching

Also tennis events throughout the year are held for both competitive and recreational players.



tennis-tourist-el-cid-mazatlan-mexico-courts-teri-church El Cid also has Pickleball Courts



What to Do After Playing Tennis at El Cid Mazatlan

Enjoy the El Cid Resort and Marina and The Golden Zone

You can lounge at the golf and tennis club or stroll a couple of blocks to the Golden Zone beaches, shops, restaurants and bars. 

El Cid Marina, which is another El Cid property is a about a half hour walk from the tennis club. The resort is set around the marina and offers a free water taxi service over to the quieter Cerritos Beach area. If you are staying at El Cid, there is shuttle service between the different properties.


Where to Stay When Playing Tennis at El Cid

El Cid is comprised of several expansive resorts, all in prime locations in Mazatlan.

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