Crescent Park Tennis Courts, Surrey BC

A Slice of Nature Near Vancouver

Crescent Park Tennis Courts, Surrey BC are set in a 52 hectare (128 acre)  park in South Surrey near Vancouver. There are four hard courts which are lit at night. The park offers numerous recreation opportunities. It is adjacent to a mature west coast forest which provides a scenic backdrop for the courts. There is also a walking trail in the park.



What To Do After Playing Tennis at Crescent Park in Surrey

Check Out Crescent Park Nature Trail

The park offers walking trails through mature second growth forests, with ponds, streams and meadows. You’ll find numerous species of birds that prefer the dense undergrowth. There are also ducks and kingfishers that use the small ponds.

The nature trail walk around Crescent Park is about 3.8 kilometres long. It takes about one to one and a half hours for this walk.


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