Luxury Resorts Aimed at The Tennis Player

This article by Bloomberg Pursuits looks at some high end resorts where tennis gets top billing. Raise Your Game at the World's Most Luxe Tennis ResortsFor tennis enthusiasts, the number of luxury hotels that truly accommodate their passion for the sport is low. Many of the best resorts may offer court access and lessons with [...]


Miami Open Tennis Tournament Threatens to Leave Town After Court Loss "You know the old song, you don't know what you have until it's gone? We're going to find out, apparently," Eugene Stearns, a lawyer for the Miami Open tennis tournament told the AP. After losing a court battle, he's now threatening that his clients [...]

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10 Top Golf Resorts with Terrific Tennis Facilities

10 Top Golf Resorts with Terrific Tennis Facilities Source:  Golf Vacation Insider 10 Top Golf Resorts With Terrific Tennis Facilities

Need to Get Away? The Best Tennis Vacations For Summer

 APRIL 29, 2014 TENNIS TALK WHY TENNIS? It’s never too early to start planning your summer vacations. Naturally you’ll consider a trip to somewhere sunny, exotic and ultimately memorable. Have you however, considered the possibility of not sacrificing any of that and at the same time creating the ultimate tennis experience? We’re here to tell [...]