Canada Tennis. In this, one of the world’s largest countries in area, you can find courts from one end of the nation to the other. Because of the cold winters of many parts of Canada, there are many fine indoor tennis facilities. But great outdoor courts are abundant as well.

Tennis in BC’s Kootenay Region-With a Ski Hill on the Side

Kimberley BC-Tennis Indoors in a Picture Postcard Winter Destination Known for being one of British Columbia's favorite places to ski, Kimberley BC is a popular winter destination. But what you may not know about Kimberley is that is also has indoor tennis. So during the chilly season, when the snow flies, you can have your [...]

Clay Tennis on Scenic Bear Mountain in Victoria, BC

Clay Tennis on Victoria's Bear Mountain Spectacular Bear Mountain is the home of eight outdoor red clay courts which were opened in the spring of 2017.  The facility offers coaching, social tennis and league tennis nestled high in the mountains of Vancouver Island. On clear days tennis players golfers and guests at the resort are treated [...]

Osten and Victor Tennis Centre-Calgary Canada’s New State of the Art Facility

Calgary's Osten & Victor Makes a Commitment to Tennis Excellence When It's Winter Outside, Tennis is Hot in Calgary's New Osten and Victor Tennis Center Osten and Victor Tennis Centre. In a climate like Calgary's tennis would only have a very short season if played only outdoors, but the city has committed itself to the [...]

A historic Canadian mountain town with a tennis legacy

Rossland Tennis Club-Rossland, British Columbia, Canada Rossland Tennis Club-Rossland, British Columbia, Canada. A tennis club has stood on this location for 100 years, and today the legacy continues on.  The Rossland Tennis Club is operated as a non-profit society.  Today, the three courts are well-maintained and sit atop a steep hillside with an outstanding panoramic view [...]