What Makes a Beautiful Tennis Court?

The Importance of Tennis Court Aesthetics There's no doubt that the tennis experience is enhanced when you're on that perfect court. One that feels good under your feet, has clear lines and a pleasing color. It's not exaggerating to say that you actually play better on a great court, because you do. Tennis is a [...]

A Few of the World’s Best Tennis Holidays

Great Tennis Holidays Around the World Former Tennis Pro Annabel Croft Shares Her Favorites Great Tennis Holidays. Having an amazing vacation and perfecting your tennis game can both be realized in one holiday. There are many great places around the world to enjoy the sport of tennis while experiencing some of the world's most beautiful [...]

Bath England our #1 Favorite Place to Play Tennis in 2015

This Ancient Roman Playground is a Haven for Tennis in England Bath England our #1 Favorite Place to Play Tennis in 2015. If you don't live in the UK, chances are you may not have heard of Bath, but this city a couple of hours out of London is absolutely not to be missed. For history lovers, it's [...]

10 Favorite Tennis Courts 2015-#2 Wimbledon

The Grandest of All Tennis Courts 10 Favorite Tennis Courts 2015-#2 Wimbledon There is no tennis court more iconic than Wimbledon, and even though we weren't able to play here, we have to include it as our 2nd favorite tennis court of 2015 as we were lucky enough to visit it during a quieter time of [...]