Tennis is Played all over the world-

Everyone knows the rules

but if you want to fit in with the locals in Mexico here’s a few things that might help

Playing Tennis in Mexico. Mexico has an ideal climate for tennis. The sport can be found at resorts, hotels and clubs throughout this country. Both locals and visitors are welcomed on the many facilities both public and private.

Language is not usually a barrier in a sport like tennis as the rules are international,

but as most tennis players know there are sometimes local ways of expressing yourself on the court

Bob Broughton is an expat living in Guanajuato Mexico in the central mountains of the country. He is a member of a tennis club in that city and has played at other clubs in Mexico. He is also a tennis fan and has checked some of the events that attract top players to Mexico.

Through his time in Mexico he has learned the some of the unique lingo for communicating on the court.

We met Bob while playing tennis in Guanajuato at the lovely Club de Tenis Santa Fe where he is a member. He was very gracious in acting as an interpreter for us, and patient as he played a slower game with me as I had a cast on my left arm for a broken wrist during our visit.

How to play tennis in Mexico

Public courts are rare in Mexico. Mexico has a lot of private clubs, where guests are usually welcome. These clubs don’t do much in the way of publicizing their existence, so you’ll have to do some asking around. “Deportivos” (sports clubs) are more accessible.

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