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Whether on vacation, a business trip or a brief weekend getaway, Tennis Tourist can help you find places to play, close to home or around the globe. We are constantly traveling, updating our destination news and sourcing the best information about tennis courts worldwide.

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With our constantly growing database we are an authority on tennis destinations. We can provide you with information about courts, resorts, clubs and venues where you can play, ideas about where to stay and what do after the game. Video, blog and webpages are some of the ways that we offer tennis destination info.

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We can also help you plan your tennis travel, from tennis packages at leading hotels to custom vacations designed for you. Whether tennis is the focus of your trip or just a small part, we’ll make sure you get your tennis fix!

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We love to hear from clubs and hotels that offer tennis, and also where your favorite courts are. Contact us and tell us where you like to play.

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With our contacts around the world we can provide you with accurate and up to date information about tennis courts, venues and destinations supported by photos, write-ups and video. Contact us for media background information and expert tennis travel information.

When you travel “Don’t Forget to Pack Your Racquet”


Bill-The Tennis Tourist

I’m Bill, The Tennis Tourist. From the first time our Aussie student teacher introduced us to his national pastime from the Land Down Under, I’ve had a passion for the game. I’ve dabbled in tournaments and continue the never-ending pursuit of perfecting my game. The love of the sport and the awesome people who play it keep me on the court. I’m always looking for a match.

When my job took me to the small town of Cranbrook BC, Canada, I started a tennis club, so that I could find others in the community and help develop the game. Tennis Canada offered great support with this and recognized me as the Building Tennis Communities Champion of the Year.

The concept of Tennis Tourist is to provide a resource and forum for those looking to play tennis when they go on the road. Hence our slogan.”Don’t forget to Pack Your Racquet”. Whether on business or vacation, more than likely there’ll be a tennis court nearby, and an opportunity to meet some awesome people and see some amazing sites.

At Tennis Tourist, we will share our adventures with you. Getting to the game and what to do after the game are also in the bag for the Tennis Tourist. Join us and expect to be surprised; as we search for the courts of the world, meet the people we find and the fascinating sites and local culture. And help you find the best places in the world to play tennis.

Heather-Our Tennis Playing Travel Agent-Specializing in Tennis Travel-she’ll help you find your ideal trip



“Tennis has always been a big part of my life. I started playing competition when I was 8 years old. I have been lucky enough to attend all of the Grand Slams and many other professional tournaments. When I travel, there is always some tennis involved, whether I get on court, or take my seat in the stands to watch the professionals. Playing while on holidays enables me to pick up new tips from coaches in other countries to help my game, surrounded by amazing scenery. It is great to meet so many people around the world through tennis.

Being involved with tennis has brought so much to my life. Now I am helping other players and tennis enthusiasts with their travel plans across the world. I am a travel agent based in Melbourne, Australia. I am excited to help you plan an unforgettable tennis experience.”

A tennis tourist, a tennis addict and a travel agent, Heather has travelled and played in many places around the globe. She loves nothing more than helping others do the same.

Whether you want to organize a fabulous trip for your tennis team to Florida,  book a tennis getaway for yourself in the Caribbean, or take your family on a tennis-centered holiday in Europe, Heather will find you a great holiday. She will help you find the best places to get your tennis fix. Interested in tickets for tennis tournaments around the world? Heather can help you with that too.

It’s true. She’s a tennis addict. A tennis traveller through and through!

Teri captures it-From the Back Streets of Barcelona to Tennis Courts high in the Andes


Capturing the world’s tennis courts and the people who play on them in video and photos is Teri’s passion. She’s shot tennis video and photos from Thailand to Argentina and everywhere in between. A lifelong journalist, she loves nothing more than telling stories of tennis from around the world, and forming new partnerships with some of the amazing places where the game is played. You won’t find her travelling without a camera, a tripod and a tennis racquet!teri-church-promo-koh-chang-thailand








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